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I can do wall and floor tiling, kitchens and bathrooms using any ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or glass tiles, I started tiling over ten years ago.

Everybody appreciates quality workmanship and with tiling this has to be the top of the list when choosing a tiler. A tiled wall for example, must maintain clean straight lines, true perspective, the tiles must lie evenly and the grout lines must be exactly the same throughout the entire wall. The test of a good tiled wall is where the eye is not drawn to one particular edge or corner of any one tile; it should be seen as a tiled wall only. Everything must match and symmetry is critical.

I take pride in my work and this will be evident to anyone for whom I work. I don't cut corners, I don't rush jobs; if it needs more time then I spend more time and I don't charge by the hour either.

A finished job leaves everything clean, no waste, no unsightly adhesive marks on any tiles, no scratches on any surfaces, no spillages, as clean as can be; these are my principles of work.












Please click on the images below to see further examples of my work.

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