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Floor Levelling & Preparation for Tiling

Floor levelling is required on some floors prior to tiles being fitted because where there may be high spots or depressions in an existing floor it can present problems when the tiles are laid. In the worst of cases where levelling is required but not done first, any tiles fitted can crack or come loose and the grout will definitely crack.

I have carried out some repair jobs where floors had been inadequately prepared before the tiles were laid. Whenever a plywood board layer is fitted it nearly always has to be at least 18mm plywood sheet; 12mm is not rigid enough! Furthermore, any ply board should be fixed by comprehensive screwing with suitable screws no more than 20cms apart. If the ply is not adequately fixed, the tiles will eventually deflect and crack. There is nothing worse than a badly tiled floor & the tiles used no longer being available to replace cracked or damaged ones.

On an uneven concrete floor, levelling compound can be spread over it to give a uniform flat surface upon which tiles can be laid. However if the floor is sloped then levelling compound isn't always the best solution. It is usually fine to raise a floor level to bring it (with the then fitted tiles on top) up to match adjacent room floors. This procedure can take a few days to allow the levelling compound layers to cure.















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